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Guangdong Yidian Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was established in November 2016 in Dongguan Songshan Lake High-tech Development Zone, Guangdong Electronic Lithium Battery Manufacturer, Guangdong Lithium Battery Custom Manufacturer, Guangdong Lithium Battery Manufacturer, Lithium Battery Manufacturer, Special Vehicle Battery Pack Manufacturers, electric low-speed battery pack manufacturers. Registered capital of 10 million yuan. Is a professional tricycle lithium battery, master-slave lithium battery, communication protection board, software protection board lithium battery, lithium battery protection board related energy products research and development, production, sales of technology-based enterprises, relying on the group resources and lithium battery industry technology elite Founded by the company, the founding shareholders and technical backbone of the company are all from the elites of communication power, new energy vehicles and power battery industry. They have rich practical experience and 12 core technicians.
Since the establishment of the company, the founding team of Yidian Energy Innovation has always adhered to the market-oriented, quality-oriented, technology-driven, innovation-driven, service-oriented business management philosophy, through the establishment and improvement of modern management system, In the past two years, we have planned and perfected PDU, BMS, protection board, battery system and other products, which are sold to Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Zhuhai, Foshan, Shanghai, Jiangsu and other regions. And has won the unanimous recognition and praise of domestic and foreign customers.

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Concentrate, focus, and professional to make the brand's strength help you succeed
  • Company mission

    The company is a professional manufacturer of lithium batteries, polymer lithium batteries, and RC batteries. With a complete and scientific quality management system, the company is recognized by the industry and customers with integrity, strength and product quality.

  • Quality control

    Adopting well-known brand raw materials at home and abroad, controlling the quality of products from the source, high-precision production equipment, can make the products more detailed and accurate. Adopt industry-leading production equipment and have their own laboratory.

  • Perfect service

    Yidian Energy has a professional design and after-sales service team, 24/7 service, quickly solve various problems and doubts of customers, so that customers can truly enjoy the professional experience after sale.

  • Strength manufacturer

    Professional manufacturing and service providers, the company's founding shareholders and technical backbone are all from communication power, new energy vehicles, power battery industry elite, have rich practical experience, 12 core technical staff

  • professional team

    The company has professional production and processing, elite technical team, fine design products, to create a conscience product for you. For more information, please contact us: Mobile: 13789529920 (Mr. Yin)

  • Mature process

    With mature lithium battery related energy product research and development, production, sales industry experience, advanced testing technology, elite team and complete quality control equipment to ensure product qualification rate of more than 99%

our service
Years of focus on high-quality battery-related energy products, research and development, production, sales and other services.
  • A

    Enterprise spirit

    Pursuit of excellence, brand building, cooperation and win-win, morality first, performance-oriented, rewards and punishments are clear, and grow together.

  • B

    Development policy

    Customer first, honesty, work hard, market-oriented, quality as life, technology as power, service as the center.

  • C

    Quality policy

    Pursuit of high-quality "lithium" products, integrity and quality "core" dynamic services, quality first, technological innovation excellence, continuous improvement.

  • D

    Team spirit

    There is no perfect individual, only a perfect team, surpassing customer expectations, creating wealth for the society, improving efficiency for the company, and seeking benefits for the employees.


  • TE

    professional team
  • T

    advanced technology
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    Imported materials
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    safe to use